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Unplanned Water Outage

 Quadvest will notify customers of water service interruptions as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, all water outages are not always predictable which means there may be little or no opportunity to provide advance notice.

Water Outage




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Brown/discolored or cloudy water may be experienced during or after a service outage.  Loud noises from the pipes due to air in the lines may also be noticed.  Flushing your lines will resolve these issues. Run water from faucets for 10-15 minutes.

What causes a water main to break?

  • Changes in water pressure within the pipes
  • Pipe age (wear and tear)
  • Vibrations from heavy traffic/ construction/ ground shifting or moving
  • Pipe Material (some older materials break down faster)
  • Soil type and ground conditions (corrosion, groundwater, etc...)
  • Weather Conditions (sudden and extreme changes in temperature

How is a water main repaired?

  • Leak locator team is dispatched and water is shut off
  • Excavate and expose pipe (duration is dependent on type of road and weather)
  • Assess and repair
  • Flush, pressurize, and test
  • Water samples are tested on site and sent to lab to ensure safety of water
  • Water on (customers asked to flush their taps)


To report an outage, please call 281-356-5347.