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Quadvest Maintains and Operates

18 Wastewater Plants
53 Water Systems



Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Quadvest is committed to the highest standards of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction in the industry.

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Boil Water Notices

All Boil Water Notices issued due to the Winter Storm event have been lifted.  What to do during a BWN? Click  Here.


A blue drop box is available onsite, outside of the gate for cash and check payments.

The Quadvest office is now open to customers during normal business hours
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What is a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)?

The Consumer Confidence Report is a document that provides consumers information about the quality of drinking water in an easy-to-read format. It summarizes information that your water system already collects to comply with Federal and State (TCEQ) regulations.  It includes information about the source(s) of water used (i.e., rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or aquifers), chemical contaminants, bacteriological contaminants, compliance with drinking water rules, educational health information, water system contact information and public participation opportunities.

The TCEQ requires every community public water system (PWS) to provide a CCR to their customers by July 1 of every year which includes information from the previous calendar year.

For more in-depth information about the CCR, click here.

Listed below are the annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR). The CCR is the Annual Report of the Drinking Water Quality which lists the most recent water testing results.

Click a link below to display your specific subdivision’s Water Quality Results you want to view. If you do not see your subdivision, please call Customer Service.

Consumer Confidence Reports




Results in by July 1st



Bammel Forest  BF CCR  BF CCR  N/A
Bauer Landing  BR CCR  BR CCR  BR CCR
Bella Vista & Villa Nueva  BV CCR  BV CCR  BV CCR
Benders Landing & Benders Landing Estates  BN/BD CCR  BN/BD CCR  BN/BD CCR
Brazos Lakes  BL CCR  BL CCR  BL CCR
Bridlewood Estates  BE CCR  BE CCR  BW CCR
Caddo Village  CV CCR  CV CCR  CV CCR
Chenango Ranch  CH CCR  CH CCR  CH CCR
Colony & Intercontinental  CL CCR  CL CCR  CL CCR
Creekside Village  CS CCR  CS CCR  CS CCR
Decker Oaks  DO CCR  DO CCR  DO CCR
Fairhaven  FH CCR  FH CCR  FH CCR
Freeman Ranch  FR CCR FR CCR  N/A
Grande San Jacinto & Camino Real  SJ CCR  SJ CCR  SJ CCR

Indigo Lakes, Clear Creek Forest, Sec 13 N, Estates of Clear Creek, & Sawmill Estates

Lakes of Magnolia  ML CCR  ML CCR  ML CCR
Lake Windcrest, Canterbury Ranch, Campwood, & Sierra Woods  LW CCR  LW CCR  LW CCR
Lake House  LH CCR  LH CCR N/A
Lakepointe Estates FB MUD 37 CCR  FB MUD 37 CCR   FB MUD 37 CCR
Lakewood Trails N/A N/A N/A
Lone Star & Summerset  LS CCR  LS CCR  LS CCR
Magnolia Reserve  MR CCR  MR CCR  MR CCR
Mill Creek  MC CCR  N/A N/A
Mostyn Manor  MM CCR  MM CCR  MM CCR
Northcrest Ranch  NC CCR  NC CCR  NC CCR
Rancho San Vicente  RV CCR  RV CCR  RV CCR
Red Oak & Jacobs Reserve  RO CCR  RO CCR  RO CCR
Rocky Creek Estates  RC CCR  RC CCR  RC CCR
Sendera Ranch, Montgomery Trace, & Windcrest Farms  SR CCR  SR CCR  SR CCR
Shaw Acres  SA CCR  SA CCR  SA CCR
Sonoma Ridge & Mcall Sound  SM CCR  SM CCR  SM CCR
Stonecrest Ranch  SC CCR  SC CCR  SC CCR
Suncreek Estates & Oaks of Suncreek  SE CCR  SE CCR  SE CCR
Suncreek Ranch  SK CCR  SK CCR  SK CCR
Sunrise Bay  SB CCR  SB CCR  SB CCR
Sunset Bay  SS CCR  SS CCR  SS CCR
Telge Jarvis  TJ CCR N/A N/A
Telge Terrace  TT CCR  TT CCR  TT CCR
Texas Grand Ranch  TGR CCR  TGR CCR  TGR CCR
Timberdale  TD CCR  TD CCR  TD CCR
Vacek Country Meadows  VC CCR  N/A  N/A
Waterstone Estates  WS CCR  WS CCR  WS CCR
Waypoint  WP CCR  WP CCR  WP CCR
Westwood  WW CCR  WW CCR  WW CCR
Yesterday’s Crossing  YC CCR  YC CCR  YC CCR


Who is Quadvest?

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Quadvest is committed to the highest standards of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction in the industry... Read More

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Our Mission

Quadvest makes life better by providing life essential utilities from Our Family to Yours!

Quadvest makes it easy to become a new customer and all the necessary paperwork can be completed online...


Quadvest has a proud 40-year history of providing consultation, construction and operation of utility systems for commercial and residential customers.



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