SJRA Concedes in EDJA Legal Battle, Marking End of Case

Six years ago, SJRA filed the first of what became many lawsuits over the controversial Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP) it imposed on Montgomery County water suppliers and their customers. 

SJRA filed that lawsuit in Austin, claiming the obscure Expedited Summary Judgment Act (EDJA) could be used to declare that its GRP Contracts could not be contested by the water providers in any court for any reason.  In July, after multiple losing trips to the appellate courts, the Austin Court of Appeals dealt SJRA another loss, telling it that the only thing that was “incontestable” about its GRP Contracts was whether SJRA had the power to sign them, which no one ever contested. 

SJRA has now allowed the EDJA lawsuit to die with a whimper by failing to ask the Texas Supreme Court to review this latest loss.   

Losing is not a new experience for SJRA.  Since 2016, there have been multiple verdicts by various Texas court’s ruling against the SJRA’s claims.  Each time they have fought back and appealed at the expense of residents of Montgomery County who pay water bills.    

“The SJRA has lost every case regarding water issues in Montgomery County and has continued to fight every verdict against it at the cost of the residents it serves,” says Quadvest CEO Simon Sequeira. “This time they have finally given up and chosen not to appeal, which means this case in Austin is over and ultimately tells us that they are losing the war on water in Montgomery County.”

You can find a summary of all ongoing litigation, including a detailed account of the EDJA case, by clicking here.

Quadvest will continue to fight against the SJRA’s water tax and rate increases. Quadvest is committed to sharing updates as they become available.


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