SJRA Loses Another Case in Texas Court of Appeals

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The Texas Court of Appeals, Third District, in Austin made a ruling against the SJRA regarding water tax contracts last Friday, July 22, 2022, marking yet another loss. This sets the stage for a trial in Montgomery County on whether the SJRA committed fraud in forcing water providers to sign the contracts.

“It’s worth noting that after six years of litigation costing millions of dollars from taxpayers’ pockets, the SJRA still hasn’t won in court,” says Quadvest CEO Simon Sequeira. “This most recent ruling from the Texas Court of Appeals tells us, again, that we are moving in the right direction and that Montgomery County residents will see some relief in their water bills in the future.”

At issue was the SJRA’s contracts with water providers charging a tax on water pumped (Groundwater Reduction Plan or GRP). The SJRA does not provide water to these water providers. The Court of Appeals has ordered that only the SJRA’s execution of the GRP was valid, an issue that no one has ever disputed.

“This ruling impacts all water providers and all residents in Montgomery County,” says Sequeira. “SJRA could appeal this decision, of course, but we remain confident that they will continue to be struck down by the courts.”

Quadvest, along with the cities in Montgomery County, will continue to fight against the SJRA’s water tax and rate increases. Quadvest is committed to sharing updates as they become available.


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